In 2021 a group of people got together to discuss how to resurrect the Montpelier Historical Society.  We have created a committee to get the gears turning:

George Edson – Chairperson
Jennifer Boyer – Vice-Chairperson
Beverly Hill – Secretary
Kathryn Guare – Treasurer

and Paul Carnahan, Harry Colombo, Corinne Cooper, Jackie Dennison, Mike Doyle, Danny Coane, Eric Gilbertson, Beverlee Hill, Steven Ribolini

We look forward to sharing Montpelier’s interesting historical details with the community.

Here are some ideas we have for goals and objectives:

Short Term:

Establish goals and objectives consistent with an agreed upon mission statement.
Review the existing by-laws to bring them in line with current objectives.
Build a strong membership to both increase income that supports operations, and develop a group of dedicated supporters.
Create a new and modern web page to support our effort to broaden and increase our communications to members and to the general public.
Develop a process to deliver regular and comprehensive outreach through newsletters, social media and public news sources for all ages.
Regain our 501c3 non profit status.
Acquire our own free office space for work, meeting, and storage.
Plan for the resumption of public programs.
Examine the current collection and develop policies regarding to keep.
Decide what to acquire and develop the mechanics for carrying out such acquisitions.
Encourage and foster individual research on items of local historical significance.
Coordinate and collaborate with other local Historical Societies and Facebook Groups.

Long Term:

Acquire a building to house our collection, provide meeting space and room for permanent museum quality exhibition.
Develop the permanent funding to support the property on a self sustaining basis, and not permanent fund raising.
Operate a program for both permanent and rotating exhibition of our collection.
Plan general public meetings for a year in advance.
Involve the school system with local historical projects through the assignment of projects and mentoring of research.